2005 CALENDAR [2005 カレンダー]

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  • 2005-01-01
  • CD; present calendar
  • 0 yen
  • Used COMPANY [遊ずどカンパニー]


  • To celebrate the 2005 new year, Used COMPANY [遊ずどカンパニー] ran some kind of promotion with UNDER CODE PRODUCTION where this would be given as a gift to those who purchased certain releases (there was one disc for every UNDER CODE band, so I'm assuming the purchaser had to choose one).
  • The actual contents of the disc aren't known. It's possible that it contained a comment from the band, but it's also possible that the disc held nothing. The disc was printed with a photograph of the band and a small calendar for 2005. It's entirely possible that the calendar was the only function of this disc.
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