Dali's debut logo and look in 2005 with original members Shunsaku [竣作] and Tatsuya [龍也].
In August of 2005, it was announced that two new bands would soon join the indie music label UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. One of those two bands was Dali. At the time, Dali used the katakana rendering of their name—“ダリ”—and were thought to be this band. In the coming months, it was revealed that Dali was a completely different band, one composed of ex-SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] members. On November 3rd, 2005, vocalist Ren [苓], guitarist KEETO [ケエト], guitarist Shunsaku [竣作], bassist YUU [ユウ], and drummer Tatsuya [龍也] officially began activities with their first live at the opening day of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's Japan-wide Nihon Seiatsu 2005 [日本制圧2005] tour. Soon after, it was announced that the band's debut release would actually be a trio of consecutive singles to be sold in January, February, and March of 2006. The first single, antithesis, set Dali's sound for the coming years: hard-edged rock with lyrical themes of cynical, melancholy love. Dali's debut was strong, but bad luck hit the band after the release of the second single, monophobia, as guitarist Shunsaku [竣作] and drummer Tatsuya [龍也] left the band. The third single, inartistic, was released anyway, but not before Dali announced an official pause in activity for an unspecified amount of time. Meanwhile, another band on the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION label, KALEN [カレン], announced their disbandment. That band's drummer, Shunna [旬奈], was now free to become Dali's drummer. Although Dali was officially on pause, Ren [苓], KEETO [ケエト], YUU [ユウ], and Shunna [旬奈] continued playing lives under the name of H.N[Maigo] [H.N[迷子]]. In July, the members announced that Dali would be reviving soon but that YUU [ユウ] would be seceeding.


Dali's 2006 revival look with members (left to right) SAKI [サキ], Makoto [誠], Ren [苓], Shunna [旬奈], and KEETO [ケエト].
Dali's revival took place in August of 2006 with the band's first sponsored event, CHIC -2DAYS-. The new lineup was revealed at the event: Ren [苓] on vocals, KEETO [ケエト] on guitar, SAKI [サキ] on guitar, Makoto [誠] on bass, and Shunna [旬奈] on drums. Shortly after, Dali kicked off their first event tour, intro dessin, and then released their first CDs with the new lineup. breath and core were released in October and November, respectively. Shunna [旬奈] proved to be extremely talented, and added a new dimension to the band's sound. Additionally, KEETO's [ケエト] guidance led the band to a more raw and experimental style, demonstrating Dali's ability to evolve. November also saw Dali's first oneman live, NO LIFE, NO MUSIC.. The oneman was a major milestone for the band, as SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] never had one. Despite that fact, bassist Makoto [誠] left the band in December. Two weeks later, former bassist YUU [ユウ] rejoined the band to fill his position. Despite a rocky first year, Dali's new lineup—Ren [苓], KEETO [ケエト], SAKI [サキ], YUU [ユウ], and Shunna [旬奈]—would stay stable and take the band to a new level.

Increase in Activity

Excerpt from the first flyer bearing Dali's name change.
2007 was Dali's first big year as a band. In February, Dali contributed a new song to the omnibus Decadence 2007 HUMAN VICIOUS. The band officially changed its name to “Dali” (rather than the katakana version that had been used prviously), and, in total, sponsored seven events throughout the year. Between those events, Dali released the singles funeral dessin and beautiful dessin, which brought a new style and solidified some of the band's most defining traits. Songs like downer showed off Dali's cool, bass-flavored side, while ant gallery affirmed Ren's [苓] talent as a song writer, and wingless wing added a new dimension as Dali's first ballade–tinged song. The singles also marked the first time that the members had two costumes instead of just one, implying that UNDER CODE PRODUCTION was beginning to invest in them more. One last important developtment came from the singles: it was at at this time that Ren [苓] began crediting himself for writing the “cynicalyrics” and “melancholyrics” of all songs, which is now one of his signatures.
The band's most elaborate look during its the world is mine period. Heavy capes became a staple of KEETO's [ケエト] costume.
In December, yet another new CD—a mini–album entitled the world is mine—was released. The style of this release was more Western in flavor, and had a certain rawness reminiscent of breath and core. radical chic was important in that it evoked the style of SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] and updated it. More importantly, Hoshikuzu [星屑] stood out as the band's first true ballade. The band's costumes for the release were its most visually elaborate ever. KEETO [ケエト] wore a particularly over-the-top costume, which seems to continue to be a trend. The year was an important one for Dali, as it brought great changes for the band stylistically. The band grew and ended the year as a much more mature group that could now define itself more clearly. But however big and busy 2007 was, 2008 would prove to be even busier for the band.

Full Album

The A type of Dali's first full album, a rope is there and hope is there., and important release for the band.
The new year kicked off with a oneman on January 11th and the start of a ten-stop event tour which ended with a twoman live with NEGA [ネガ]. Between those lives, Dali consecutively released three new singles: Heroine, Inkblot, and Endroll. As head writer, KEETO [ケエト] penned surprisingly poppy title-tracks for each single. The new sound was hated by some fans and loved by others, but ultimately proved that the band was not afraid of experimenting. After that slew of activity, Dali made a major announcement: they would be releasing their first full album (at the time making them one of the few UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands to do so). After holding a twoman live with SIVA in September, Dali released a rope is there and hope is there. in October. Disappointingly, about half of the songs on the album were old. Still, the new songs managed to explore many sides of Dali's sound. The pop sound of the three singles was continued in the song thursday while songs like dope emulated the band's old style. sorrow orchestra improved on the old sound and - explored an entirely new one. The album's PV was for a previously released song—ITAMI WAKE [イタミワケ]—but it was a big step for the band as their first video with a normal budget. Overall, the album was not the band's greatest release, but it was solid and provided a good opportunity for new fans to experience the world of Dali. Two oneman events were held in November to celebrate the release of the album. Shortly after, Dali announced a new mini–album to be released in the future. The band rounded out the year by making an appearance as the special countdown guest at an event sponsored by HOLIDAY OSAKA on New Year's Eve.

mind stripper

Dali's look during the mind stripper period.
Early 2009 was filled with live performances: a oneman on January 11th (something that Shunna [旬奈] said he wanted to become a tradition), a sponsored event in February, and a spot headlining UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's Nihon Seiatsu 2009 [日本制圧2009] tour throughout March and April. Details of the new mini–album were revealed, and Dali gave a preview of it by playing every track live at a special event entitled mind strip show. Finally, in March, mind stripper was released. It was a return-to-form of sorts for the band, featuring some of its best work. fictional dive showed off the band's fresh and playful side while Kigeki ni Kasa [喜劇に傘] brought a new depth to Dali's classic sound. Gokko [ごっこ] acted as a continuation the old SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] song Hana Ichi Monme [はないちもんめ] while adding a new, surprisingly dark and chic twist. Meanwhile, Dali perfected their pop style in the song a habit.

Second Activity Pause

After the release of mind stripper, Dali became frustratingly quiet. This would be the start of an unofficial, year long period of inactivity, characterized by a frustrating halt in communication with fans. Shunna [旬奈] no longer updated his blog, and announcements regarding the band's future activities were few and far between, and were only casually announced. It was eventually revealed that Dali would sponsor an event and release a double best album (the world is yours) in August, and would hold a oneman live in September. After that oneman, EPILOGUE Dekishitai [エピローグ溺死体], Dali would take time off to “recharge its batteries” (a fact that was only mentioned in a flyer and left for fans to discover on their own). On September 6th, 2009, Dali began its second official activity pause. KISAKI revealed that the band already had plans to return in January of 2010, but that Ren [苓] would be starting a temporary, solo band in the meantime. His project, LOTMAN [ロットマン], held its first live/sponsored event on 2009-11-22. Dali made a special appearance at the event to announce that SAKI [サキ] was leaving the band as of that day.

Present Activities

Dali revived on January 11th, 2010 as a four member unit, with decidedly lighter visuals and sound. Since then, the band has been fairly inactive, releasing only one distributed single and one maxi-single in all of 2010. They have a few events planned for 2011, as well as a traditional January 11th oneman, at which they'll release another distributed CD. But aside from that, Dali has no plans for any official releases through at least March of 2011, calling the band's immediate future into question...
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