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SAKI [サキ] has left Dali.
Scans of FOOL'S MATE Nº328 have been added to the image section of the Ant Gallery. Dali's profile, biography, and timeline pages have been updated to reflect SAKI's [サキ's] departure.
A PV clip of ORION [オリオン] by LOTMAN [ロットマン] has been released by Dali's official website. The clip can be viewed here. Additionally, the tracklisting of LOTMAN's [ロットマン's] maxi-single has been released, as well as details regarding a LOTMAN [ロットマン] live-limited CD. Check the miscellaneous page in Dali's discography section for information.
Dali's official website is down. According to the band's mail magazine, the site will be down until the 20th, as it is being updated and renewed.
Although nothing has officially been announced, the title and location of Dali's revival live has been leaked. Two other lives in 2010 have been confirmed to feature appearances from Dali as well. Check Dali's live details page for more information.
The chariots and Dali session band Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2009 [罪団法人黒十字2009] will play on 2010-01-08. See Dali's live details page for more information.
According to KISAKI's blog, copies of the world is mine SPECIAL DVD have finished being pressed. They should be sent out to customers who applied for them soon.
Several magazine scans have been added to the image section of the Ant Gallery, and a few entries have been added to Dali's media discography page.
Fixed a minor error in the lyrics section of the Ant Gallery which was causing improper line numbering.
It has been announced that Dali will be performing at LOTMAN's [ロットマン's] sponsored event on 2009-11-22. More importantly, it has been announced that the band will have an “urgent announcement...” Hopefully the announcement will be details of a full revival and not something bad! The live schedule has been updated to reflect this news.
Scans of Dali's a rope is there and hope is there. (both types), mind stripper, and the world is yours (both types) have added to the image gallery portion of the Ant Gallery.
LOTMAN's [ロットマン's] lineup has been updated in Dali's related band profiles section. Live details regarding Dali's session activities LOTMAN's [ロットマン's] activities have been added to Dali's live schedule section.
LOTMAN's [ロットマン] first maxi-single is now on sale at the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP. The privilege for purchasing it there is a live DVD of the band's first live!
Five more of Dali's flyers have been added to the image gallery section of the Ant Gallery.
Dali's latest flyers (for mind stripper and the world is yours) have been added to the image gallery portion of the Ant Gallery.
SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] releases can now be purchased through UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's official download website, UNDER GROUND MUSIC.
VISUNAVI has released a large promotional image of LOTMAN [ロットマン] and an updated version of a Dali/LOTMAN [ロットマン] flyer. Both images have been added to the image section of Ant Gallery.
Dali's biography, live schedule, profile, and timeline pages have been updated.
Ren [苓] has formed a new, temporary band called LOTMAN [ロットマン].
Having held their oneman today, Dali is officially on an activity pause. According to KISAKI's blog, the band has already planned to come back in January of 2010.
Every section is complete. Version four of Love is Dead is officially online!
Dali just announced that customers who spend more than 3,000 yen on goods at the band's 2009-09-06 oneman will receive a special photo of themselves with the members of the band.
The video gallery is now up. Also, Brand X finally announced the privileges for the world is yours, so those have been added to Dali's privilege page.
The SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] is now complete.
SUGAR FORKFUL's [シュガーフォークフル] discography page has been complete. An error in Dali's live section has been fixed, and a few new entries have been added at the band's privileges page.
The covers of the world is yours -cynical- and the world is yours -melancholy- have been released. Dali's discography page has been updated accordingly.
Internet video site Bands @id has uploaded a video of Dali performing live on 2009-07-10. That video, along with Dali's recent appearance in Cure Vol.72, has been added to Dali's media page.
Dali's live details page and session band profiles page have been updated with details of the session bands that will appear on 2009-09-21. SUGAR FORKFUL's [シュガーフォークフル] related bands profiles and live history pages have been completed.
SUGAR FORKFUL's [シュガーフォークフル] section is currently being worked on. The profile page has basically been completed and the related band profiles are currently being worked on.
Dali's entire section is 100% complete. Now to start on SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル]...
The page of Dali's session band profiles has been completed.
Details of all of Dali's lives have been added. Dali's live details page is now complete.
Dali's live details page has been added (but not updated).
Love is Dead has been optimized for all browsers and several visual tweaks have been made. Dali's live history is complete.
Dali's profile page is complete.
Dali's media section is complete.
It has been unofficially leaked that Dali will take time to "recharge their batteries" after September.
Double best albums the world is yours -cynical- and the world is yours -melancholy- announced.
Dali's privilege section is now complete.
The main discography of Dali has been completed.
Dali's new look has been revealed through UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's mobile site.
Dali's biography and timeline has been rewritten and updated.
Due to two serious computer failures (seriously!), I lost months' worths of work on a new version of this site. I'm just starting to redo everything. As of today, the layout and coding is 100% complete, with the exception of a radio feature, which I plan to implement soon. Also, it is now possible for the first time to search this site. I will do my best to have the new version up as soon as possible, given the circumstances of having to start over twice.
A few special goods have been announced to commemorate the 6th anniversary of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and the Nihon Seiatsu 2009 [日本制圧2009] tour. First is a memorial mirror, which is signed by whichever UNDER CODE artist is requested (including the members of Dali). Second is a memorial fukubukuro [福袋], or grab bag, which comes in a special bag featuring the Nihon Seiatsu 2009 [日本制圧2009] logo and includes a KISAKI SLAVES live DVD plus at least 40,000 yen in UNDER CODE releases and goods (including ones from Dali). (Third is a Phantasmagoria fukubukuro [福袋], which obviously have nothing to do with Dali.)
The secret 2009-03-23 event that KISAKI hinted at was revealed today through VISUNAVI. Dali will hold a free live event (their first!) on 2009-03-23 at HOLIDAY OSAKA entitled mind strip show. To be eligible to attend, one must purchase either mind stripper or at least 2,500 yen's worth of Dali releases at HOLIDAY CD. Those who attend the event will also receive a signed poster.
The special guest at Dali's 2009-02-13 event pain paint collection has been announced. The guest is chariots, who are making a special appearance since they are technically on hiatus.
It has been announced that a live clip of Dali will be featured on the omnibus DVD Japanesque Rock Collectionz Aid DVD 「Cure」 Vol.2, which is to be released on 2009-02-21.
Dali will be releasing new collaboration t-shirts with Death-trap ID on 2009-02-07. On 2009-02-28, they will be holding a "tee party" event and a handshaking/photography event at Death-trap ID to promote the new shirts.
UNDER CODE announced that it will begin a stamp card project with Like an Edison. Those who buy UNDER CODE releases at Like an Edison from 2009-01-21 to 2009-05-31 will receive a stamp for each purchase. Those who get at least six stamps in the time period will be eligible to attend an "outstore" event and two live shows in June that feature Dali.
Like an Edison announced that it will feature privileges for Dali's mind stripper release and for the UNDER CODE omnibus album that features Dali, The End of Missing.
Brand X and Like an Edison announced that Dali will be featured in their New Year 2009 message DVD's. Like an Edison also announced that Dali will be featured in its New Year 2009 omnibus album.
UNDER CODE announced that Dali will distribute a special present DVD at their oneman, will, on 2009-01-11. The DVD is entitled 11disc and will come in two types (normal type and abnormal type).
RISKY DRUG STORE announced that Dali will be featured in their New Year 2009 message DVD.
It was announced today that Dali will be releasing a new mini album on 2009-03-25 entitled mind stripper. They will also be contributing an old track to a new UNDER CODE omnibus entitled The End of Missing, which is set to be released on 2009-03-04.
KISAKI announced that Dali has a new look.
Through their mail magazine, Dali announced that they will sponsor a live event called pain paint collection on 2009-02-13.
UNDER CODE announced that Dali will be the special countdown guest at the YEAR END of HOLIDAY 2008-2009 event at HOLIDAY OSAKA on 2008-12-31.
It was announced that several UNDER CODE artists (including Dali) will be featured at dijiphoto, an online service that sells digital and printed photos. Dali's photo can be seen here.
Brand X revealed Dali's new look.
At their twoman live on the 27th, Dali announced that they would be releasing their first full length album, a rope is there and hope is there., in October of this year. It's a real milestone in their career, and in UNDER CODE's; they are only the fourth UNDER CODE band to release an original, full length album, and they are doing it earlier in their career than either 12012 or VIDOLL did. To celebrate the full album, Dali will be holding two oneman lives and several instore events later in the year. Please see Dali's discography and live schedule sections for more information.
Keeto [ケエト] and Ren [苓] will participating in a special session band on the 21st to celebrate the fifth anniversary of PARADOX.
It has been announced that Dali will be co-sponsoring a two-day live event with SIVA. The event is titled art / smash and will take place at ESAKA MUSE in September. A special Dali and SIVA session band will perform.
Dali's live schedule has been updated with details regarding their co-sponsored event with SIVA. Privilege information for the world is mine, Heroine, Inkblot, and Endroll has been updated. Scans of Dali's Inkblot release and several missing magazines have been added to the image gallery.
The start time of Dali's June 21st sponsoring event has been changed. The show was originally to start at 16:00, but will now be starting earlier, at 14:30.
The UNDER CODE NET SHOP is now offering privileges for a few of Dali's releases. Those who buy Heroine, Inkblot, and Endroll can now receive a special message DVD from the store, and both types of the world is mine now come with photographs.
Redesign of the site is finally complete. The new version should be functional and should display correctly in Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera 9, and Opera 9.5. Feel free to leave a message on the tagboard or get in touch via the exits page if any errors pop up!
The tracklistings to VISUAL BLOOM and Endroll have been added; cover art for Endroll has also been added. The privilege listings for Heroine, Inkblot, and Endroll have been updated.
The tracklisting of VISUAL BLOOM (which was previously listed as VISUAL BLOOM VOL.1) has been announced.
The tracklisting and cover art of Endroll have been revealed.
Remake of top page is complete.
Although it was announced all the way back in February, the announcement went unnoticed until this month: standard pink number by Dali is to be featured in a new omnibus entitled 「Ura ★ Kaizokuban。」005 [「裏★海賊盤。」005].
Dali has been featured episode of KISAKI's web and radio show Kami no GORI Channel [神のゴリちゃんねる]. The episode is entitled Kami no GORI Channel ・ Daijuukai / Zenhan [神のゴリちゃんねる・第十回/前半] and is hosted at the streaming video site Bands @id.
A slew of information was released today. First, Dali will be participating in an UNDER CODE sponsored live tour called Tribute to Phantasmagoria 2008 and in that tour's final event. Also, Dali will be featured in a "new" omnibus, 「Past New Phase」 -Phantasmagoria Tribute Album DELUXE EDITION-. The omnibus is a re-release of Tribute to Phantasmagoria (which originally came out in February of this year!) featuring re-mastered tracks and the addition of two new ones.
Extra copies of Dali's Kassei wa Shinshitsu ni -, Juusei wa Yokushitsu ni -。 [活性は寝室に-,銃声は浴室に-。] distribution CD are now being sold at Brand X, Jishuban Club [自主盤倶楽部], and UNDER CODE NET SHOP. Stock is limited, but it's a good opportunity to purchase a CD that was previously available only at Dali's second oneman live.
Shunna [旬奈] revealed in his blog today that Dali is filming a new PV. No more information was given about the PV except that it will be shown in a few shops.
A new, digital-only omnibus featuring Dali was released through the iTunes store today. It's called UNDER CODE PRODUCTION SPECIAL COMPILATION ALBUM VOL:1, costs about 5 USD, and features the song Hoshikuzu (that is the "correct" title; the omnibus is completely romanized).
A new live clip of Dali has been posted at the streaming video site Bands @id. The clip was recorded on February 9th and features the band playing [s]hit parade.
The store Jishuban Club [自主盤倶楽部] has revealed that Dali will be featured in an upcoming omnibus called VISUAL BLOOM VOL.1. Additional details should be announced soon. Also, the latest present contest at Bands @id features Dali; one lucky winner will receive a the world is mine poster signed by each member.
It's been a really long time! Tons of updates have been made to the site, but few have been uploaded--that will change soon (unfortunately, school eats too much of my time now!). Today the discography has been completely updated (new releases, new information, new covers/higher quality covers). Also, lyrics for all of the songs from Dali's latest minialbum, a few translations of Dali interviews, and lyrics for a large chunk of Sugar Forkful's [シュガーフォークフル] discography has been uploaded. Just a note for those looking for more updates: the Dali LiveJournal community I run is updated much more frequently, so join to be more up-to-date!
Updates have been slow lately, but that will hopefully change soon. Dali's live schedule and discography have been completely updated, and the link section has been heavily edited.
Two article translations have been added. Check the lyrics section for both. Also, Dali's discography has been corrected and updated with cover art.
Important news! Dali's upcoming November event is to celebrate the release of a brand new CD. No details are known except for the fact that it will appear in November. Also: the image gallery and Dali's discography have been updated.
Several entries have been added to Dali's live schedule, including a brand new event sponsored by the band in November. Check it out! The session band section was also updated, and the Dali profiles were fixed to reflect those updates.
Two quick but important updates: first, links to the various official Dali profiles have been added to the navigation at the bottom of the page; and second, [extremely unofficial] lyrics to rubber have finally been added. Lots of thanks to the many people who helped!
The image gallery has been completely revamped (it should hopefully be much easier to find specific images now) and updated, and the video gallery has finally been added. Both can be seen by going to the gallery page.
Several important updates today: Missing session band info was filled in, translations of lay figure, negative dislike chainsaw, and sunny were added, and Dali's discography received a major update (several entires were correct and a few more were added). I also managed to work out a few problems, so it's finally plausible that this site will have videos. Some quick updates on Dali: Dali will probably hold a 3 day event sometime in October and they will be covering one of Phantasmagoria's songs on an upcoming omnibus.
Today I updated Dali's discography a bit and fixed some small errors. A major discography update is still in store though (mostly privilege releases). Dali's live schedule has also been updated. live schedule has been updated and a few mistakes were corrected. Soon I'll have to update it again--at a recent live, Dali announced that they will be embarking on a national tour sometime in the near future.
Several site updates: several news entries were moved to the archive, Dali's biography was updated, Dali's profile pictures were updated, blog links were added to all Dali profiles, session band page was updated and corrected, live schedule was updated.
Dali released a new photoset on the 23rd, so their profile pictures have been somewhat changed to reflect that. If I can get my hands on better source photos, I will fully change their profile pictures. Also, Dali's live schedule has been updated.
The official Dali fanlisting is now open! Make sure to check it out and support the band. Also, some corrections were made to Sugar Forkful's [シュガーフォークフル]. Big thanks to shuurei..
The image gallery has been greatly updated, and lyrics for sunny and negative dislike chainsaw have been added.
English translations for downer, day by day.rehearsal of Smile. have been added. Additionally, several updates were made to Dali's section. A minor error was fixed on their profile page, several entries were added to their live schedule, their biography has been edited and updated, and a large amount of information was added to their discography.
Lyrics for 4'32", ant gallery, downer, and wingless wing have been added. A few credit related corrections were made as well. Up next on the to-do list is the clean up of several discography entries, as well as the addition of another page.
Dali's live schedule has been updated with further information, clarification of some old information, and the addition of a few notes about distributed presents. Their profiles have also been updated, with additional information for each member.
It's been a while! A lot has happened since the last update. Dali was spotlighted in a special segment at Visunavi, they held their first instore (albeit a short one), and, according to KISAKI's blog, they planned out their activities for the next year. I'm sure we're all looking foward to it!
Just a few small updates this time. The lyrics for 4'32" have been added and a minor improvement has been made to the tagboard.
All sections of the site are complete. Minor adjustments have been made on most of the pages, and some new features have been added. Although there are some more updates planned (including additions to the image gallery, as well as some samples of the bands' works), version three of Love is Dead is hereby officialy completed.
Dali now has an official homepage, which will be linked here soon. The discography section for Sugar Forkful [シュガーフォークフル] has been completed, and the discography section for Dali has been updated with song credits.
The Dali section of this site is now fully complete. The live schedule has been updated, and the covers to both versions of feneral dessin have been added.
Dali's new flyer is out now. It gives information about a new series of four events. To those who attend all four events, some sort of unidentified present is given. Mysterious!
Dali unveiled their new logo today and officially changed their name. They now write their name using English letters, where as they previously used the katakana version, ダリ. This further confirms that they are paying homage to Dalí, the painter.
Dali announced the release of two new CDs today. Both CDs come in two types, which contain either a bonus track of a PV. For more information, please see Dali's discography.
Dali will be in an omnibus DVD.
Dali revealed new costumes.
Yuu [ユウ] rejoined Dali.
Makoto [誠] has left Dali.
Dali's first oneman was today, and it was completely sold out! According to KISAKI's blog, it went extremely well. Both breath and core have been released, and the band is slated to release one song on a new UNDER CODE omnibus.
Dali will be featured in the 9/21 issue of SHOXX. It'll be their first real appearance in the magazine, so don't forget to buy it! They've also announced a few more live dates.
Dali's lineup has changed! Yuu [ユウ] is out, Shunna [旬奈] is a full time member, and Makoto [誠] and Saki [サキ] have become the band's new bassist and guitarist.
Today Dali made their full revival! Although earlier than planned, it's great news! The revival comes with the announcement of their first oneman, and revelation that someone has stepped in as guitarist! Although his name is unknown, this mystery boy completes the band's line up. One last bit of good news: Dali has three new upcoming releases!
Welcome to Love is Dead! I've been planning this site for a long time, and I've finally finalized [most of] the layout and coding. There are still a few things to figure out coding-wise, but pretty soon I'll be able to start working on getting the pages up. Thanks to the amount of work I did with my previous two fansites, content creation should go along pretty smoothly. I have a lot of plans for this site, so I hope they all work out!
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