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Dali announces disbandment.
Coupling tour announced.
Dali new maxi-single announced!!
LOTMAN [ロットマン] live DVD announced.
SAKI [サキ] secedes.
LOTMAN [ロットマン] PV clip released.


wtr: 2017. I\'m still so much into them ♥ wtr: 2017. I\'m still so much into them ♥ Aki: I love Dali!! Aki: I love Dali!! Ryamus: yo dood Seirei Shunna: Dali really rocks!!!! I love them...I'm from Chile... nobitakinema: website new version cool!! Kira Zeroshiki: im spanish :) D A L I I S G O D !!! infinity borat: my wish has ban granted.. thank mikaru: hi! im a chilean Dali's fan! *---------* i love Dali*-----------* infinity borat:my kokoro wish is 4 u 2 update site..plz. Lina: Yama I love youuuuu!!! and I love this fansite and Dali too, is so amazing!

News and Updates

Today, Dali announced that they will disband. It's quite sad to finally hear those words after three years of relative inactivity from the band (as you can tell by the lack of updates to this website). In the words of Ren, “it's difficult to let go, but we must.”
Added two photosets to the image gallery.
Updated Dali's biography, timeline, and discography.
Dali has announced a coupling tour with SOMATIC GUARDIAN in September. Please check Dali's live page for more details.
Finally got a transcription of the SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] song Ame to Muchi。 [雨と無知。]! Also added the lyrics for all songs from Dali's latest single. All the new lyrics are available in the Ant Gallery seciton.
Added new lyrics: LOTMAN [ロットマン] - NATIONAL MODERN [ナショナルモダン].
Added the tracklistings and covers for both types of Dali's new single. Also added purchase links for the single and digital copy links for both types of the world is yours. Finally, updated the privilege page regarding Dali's new single.
Major update! Added all lyrics from a rope is there and hope is there. and fixed mistakes in Heroine, Endroll, and イタミワケ [ITAMI WAKE] (original versions). Also fixed a minor error in the encoding of Dali's discography.
Just updated Dali's discography with an iTunes limited release that I never noticed before and details of the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 7th anniversary trading DVDs.
Updated the image gallery (to find it, go to the Ant Gallery section) with a new flyer, two new magazine scans, a bunch of web photos, and some new LOTMAN [ロットマン] photos. I also made a quick update to Dali's media appearance page (look under the discography section).
Fixed a minor discography error and added more non-Dali lyrics. Check the Ant Gallery section for the new lyrics.
Lots of minor, but important site updates. The ad on the main page has been swapped out. Dali's live history, live details, profiles, biography, timeline, discography, privilege listing, and related band profiles pages have all been brought up to date. SUGAR FORKFUL's [シュガーフォークフル's] profile and related band profile pages have been updated. LOTMAN [ロットマン] was given its own sub-section in the Dali section of the site. Finally, I began adding non-Dali scans to the image portion of the Ant Gallery. More to come soon.
The Dali community at LiveJournal has been completely redone. If you've never been before, check it out! It's a great way to keep up with Dali news (I update with news there more than I do here), and you don't have to be a member. Check it out here.
A new maxi-single for Dali has been announced! It will have been over a year since they had a “real” new release! Check the discography section for more details.
Happy new year! Still no word on Dali's fate... Hopefully something good will be announced at their oneman on the 11th. In any case, LOTMAN [ロットマン] has not ceased activities as was assumed: in April, they will sponsor another event and release a live DVD. The DVD will contain a performance of that's now free, the song that was previously only available as a live-limited CD.
Important site updates are going down... You should check out the new image gallery section of the Ant Gallery here. The lyrics section of the Ant Gallery has been updated as well; I've begun adding SUGAR FORKFUL [シュガーフォークフル] and LOTMAN [ロットマン] lyrics, and more are to come in the future!
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